Tuesday, 14 July 2009

ambulating store, defining ourselves and the importance of getting out from the flat

Planning is crucial. Right now we are very inspired by the thought of an ambulating store that would enable us to travel around with our line of clothes and show them in different cities. During a very nice talk Vanja and I had with Costa we touched on the subject and the thought of a clothes store opens up a lot of interesting questions concerning what our work will be. Art or simply just clothes? Maybe it depends on where we show them and if we will put price-tags on them?

As usual we get carried away when thinking about our upcoming project.

Just nu befinner vi oss i ett mellanläge. Vi har en bra idé att jobba med och vi håller på att utarbeta en sorts tidsplan för projektet. Men fortfarande har vi inte preciserat kärnan i det vi ska ta oss för, kläderna. Vad är vår matris för dessa, vad tar vi avstamp ifrån, hur vill vi att våra kläder ska kännas, upplevas, bäras och uppfattas? Hur ska de lukta? Hur mår man i våra kläder? Moa gav sig på att formulera sig kring detta:

What if...
...we were an odeur?
The smell of “folkhemmet”. Meatballs and wet wool.
...we were a flavour?
The lemon tasting liquid you receive at the dentist combined with his or her plastic gloves.
...we were colours?
Peeish yellow, poopish brown, bluish mintgreen, pure and clean white, lustreless.
...we were certain materials?
The cold and damp poreclain of a bathroom, the itchy and scratchy material of a rugged felt. Used and loose cotton. Tight plastic gloves and dish cloth.
...we were a season?
Autumn in general, September in particular. In the dark but brisky and bright month of september people start to loose their spirit because dark times are on.

This is a start and next we will make lists of words and of things that we associate with our theme and this will be the guide to our own universe. And then finally we will start on the clothes and we are hoping to have them finished by November.

We have also concluded that we need somewhere outside of our home where we can meet and discuss the project because when we are at home we are constantly interrupted by, well mostly Dexter, the cat. So we are looking for some kind of location right now and it seems that it might be possible to rent a room at konsthallen in Norrköping.

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