Tuesday, 16 June 2009

public underwear

The project is getting started.
This stage of the process is problably the most agreable bit of it all. We sit around our kitchentable just spitting out possible and impossible ideas. We are still allowing ourselves to try out different ideas for the garments since nothing is definetly decided about the clothes yet.

For instance, we have discussed "the boy-nickers". In general, I am very into underwear and in particular public underwear . I inherited some old vests labeled "the region council of Östergötland (landstinget i Östergötland)" from my great aunt once. She worked in a hospital as nurse. It's funny that the most private garments, like underwear, could be owned by the state. To provide patients with clothes that they haven't bought themselves is, for me, in a way, imprisoning and when it comes to underwear-humiliating.

I think that underwear can be humilating in two different ways. Firstly there is pornographic underwear which of course is very uncomfortable and is humiliating due to its see-through dimension. It is humiliation in an outright sort of way. Easy access!
What we are interested in is a more ambiguous humilation. Underwear that makes you look like a child or perhaps a very old person. Proper underwear that covers both buttocks and belly.

We have also discussed other forms of nickers, which could easily cover a dyper. The dyper means that you can't control yourself and what your body "produce". You and your needs must be controlled.

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